lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008


Pattern: x.Idiom: Meaning (literal meaningless)

1.She is a peach: She is sweet and helpful (I am going to eat you even the bones).

2.He's full of beans: He's not telling the truth (He is a bagpipes).

3.It's not my cup of tea: I don't care for that (It's your teacap).

4.He's full of baloney: He doesn't know what he's talking about (He's a silly balloon).

5.It's just sour grapes: They have resentment (It's a moody juice).

6.That's corny: It's sentimental (That's when you go to the movies alone and have popcorn).

7.I'm in a pickle: I'm in a dilemma (You are in a bad mood because the pickle is in vinegar).

8.He brings home the bacon: He brings home the family money (he's fit but fat too).

9.She's in a stew: She's upset (I am going to eat you again baby).

10.He's the top banana: He's the headman (He's the top cucumber).

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