lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008


Pattern: x.Idiom: Meaning (literal meaningless)

11.He's the salt of the earth: He's a very good person (She's the sugar of the moon, so she's a femme fatale)

12.She's worth her salt: She's a valuable employee (He's worth her sugar, so he is her henpecked husband).

13.They're two peas in a pod: If you see one you see the other (They are ecologists and use the same iPod).

14.I'm nuts about you: I'm in love with you (I'm a squirrel because of you).

15.It's a piece of cake: It's quite simple (The birthday of a moron).

16.You can't have your cake and eat it too: You can't use it and save it (The birthday of another moron).

17.He's a real ham: He's a frustrated actor (He is from Jabugo).

18.It's a hard nut to crack: It's a difficult problem to solve (I'm not a squirrel anymore because of you).

19.Let's talk turkey: Let's talk seriously (We are planning Christmas dinner).

20.He's a bad egg: He cannot be trusted (He is a yellow chicken submarine).

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