miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

Jó, ¡qué noche!

After-hours, by Martin Scorsese, is one of my favourite films. The title was translated to Spanish as Jó, ¡qué noche! I hate this expression. It is too much posh... But the film was released in 1985. Then, the expression After-hours was unusual... If the film had come out in our days, I am pretty sure the title wouldn't have changed. You know... Spaniards are very fond of nightlife and, since the mid-nineties, very fond of afterhour too, as we know this period which starts at six o'clok in the morning.
Anyway, I prefer the working title of the film: A Night in Soho.

One more thing. Don't miss out Shine a Light. Scorsese + Rolling Stones.

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