viernes, 4 de abril de 2008


1.Riding a balloon.
2.Watching the sunset.
3.Writing poetry.
4.Going to the movies with you.
6.Saying I Love You in Spanish, English, French and Italian.
7.Being in love again.
8.Taking poem-pictures.
9.Feeling the Eastern Wind in my face.
10.Living in New York.

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Rocio dijo...
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Rocio dijo...

Sorry I had to cancel my other comment... all I wanted to say is that I can relate to your "Shop List".. very nice thoughts!


Enrique Potter dijo...

Hi, Rocío:

Do you know the supermarket or shop where these thoughts could be bought? No, it's a joke... They are all priceless, as your comment.

Thank you for being there,