lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008


Everyday I make a short walk before starting to write. I am embarked on a fantasy novel. I have already finished two out of three parts of it. Apart from the novel, there are a lot of things nagging in my mind: money, love... It's always the same story. Fortunately, I saw this morning a writing on a wall: "Acepta". That's true. I am fighting for my dreams. I am a richman who don't have anything. That's all.

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Óscar dijo...

Hello Enrique! I had no idea about your progress with your novel, it seems that you are writing at a good pace. We are looking forward to reading it, keep it up!

Enrique Potter dijo...

Hi Oscar:

This is the first comment on my blog. On the other hand, I promise you will be one the first readers of the novel.

A huge hug,