miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008


At the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was a Spanish general of Irish origin who was executed by firing squad not because of his surname. Quite the opposite, he was a very active and liberal career soldier. In fact, he defended the Spanish Constitution of 1812.
But if you don't know his biography you will think he was an idle person. According to a Spanish saying, "Cría fama y échate a dormir". The English translation would be: "Give a dog a bad name". A friend of mine who lives quite near to Reina Sofía Museum, said to me last night he felt a bit lazy when started walking by General Lacy street on his way home.
The funny thing is that Lacy is not a corruption of the word Lazy. So actually that general was very transparent, as his deeds and literal surname show. This is why I like go walking by that street at sunset. Then I feel light as a feather.

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Joseph Webley-Fosbery dijo...

:-) Hay que ver como le sacamos el jugo a un juego de palabras... mu bonito chaval, me ha entretenido bastante.

Enrique Potter dijo...

Querido Joseph Webley-Fosbery:

Es todo un honor que un general de su rango haya tenido a bien enviarme este cariñoso comentario.

Un fuerte abrazo,
Enrique Mercado