miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008


I never wished to save people from a fire.
I never wished to appear naked in a calendar.
I never wished to be a hero.
I never wished to be a fireman.
I first read Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, when I was thirteen-year-old. So being a fireman meant to be an enemy of books, an enemy of knowledge, an enemy of mankind.
Anyway, I never liked that warning on the wall:
"Uso exclusivo bomberos"

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

It is not necessary that you are fireman to extinguish good and exciting fires...

It is a true pleasure to read this blog.


Enrique Potter dijo...

Hey, Racheloncha.

It's really nice to see you here. You are right. But lately I haven't come across any exciting blaze to extinguish. Anyway, if I came across some interesting, I wouldn't extinguish it. Quite the opposite, I would add my own flames to it.


Anónimo dijo...

You are a pyromaniac!!! ;)