viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008


A preguntas necias, respuestas sordas. Pero a veces no te queda más remedio que contestar cuando un desconocido te aborda en medio de la calle y te pregunta:
-Do you know where Tom has gone?
And you reply him:
-I don't, I am sorry. Anyway, it is easy to find out.... But before looking for him, I will tell you a story... I first met Tom shortly after he released his one hit wonder Sex Bomb. "Sexbomb, sexbomb, you're my sexbomb. And baby you can turn me on*". In those days, he wasn't in love with anyone. So he felt horribly unhappy. You could find him in some dirty bar drinking till the break of day. One of those alcoholic nights I approached him. "Dear Tom. I don't want to have your autograph, but I wouldn't refuse a cup from you". "Sure, not problem" (Tom's answer). That first cup was the beginning of a beautiful friendsip**.

It's very common either in English or Spanish to speak more than you should. Esta historia lo demuestra.

*Love has two parts:
First... "Baby, you turn me on".
Later... "You drive me crazy, honey".

**"Let's go for a sip, Tom!"

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